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Crusaders! We want you to join us. ‘Kids 4 Farmers’ are currently working at gathering information about our Australian farmers. What they grow, how they grow it, what problems they encounter, transport costs….the list goes on! Basically EVERYTHING from the farm to the fridge is being covered. We want you to come along for the ride.

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Farming Gangnam Style

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Mark and Transport : It’s go time!

With our farms built, we are now in desperate need of a distribution network in order to get our fresh produce to the big city. Your task, which we will force you to accept, is to design and build a transport depot and market so that your Minecraft farms have somewhere to sell their goods. You will need to look at examples Read full article »

Helper Monkeys at Work

Well, well, well……..No surprises here! It seems that in the fine tradition of all farmers, the North Star folk have palmed their edited drafts off to us to look at. Just as machines do the REAL WORK on the farm, the helper monkeys from Merrylands East have been typing furiously into their typewriters, editing and perfecting their expositions on the Read full article »

North Star writes, You edit!

North Star has started writing the expositions on GM food. They can be found on the Google Docs that were started to collect each groups research. Being first drafts they are of course not perfect. There will be some spelling mistakes, and not every sentence will make sense. The challenge for MEPS is to help caress the words written so Read full article »

GM Food Brainstorming

The North Star - MEPS Alliance is back and kicking as we now set our sites on genetically modified foods. As this is an area we know very little about, we thought it best if we did some brief research to work out just what all the fuss is about. We are only in the early stages and look forward Read full article »

Frankenfood, what’s that all about?

By now you are well on your way to building the infrastructure for your farms. Through the combined efforts of students from both our schools, aided by rigorous planning and detailed architectural quality blueprints, we have everything we need to build a 21st century farm using the 21st century computing technology of Edmodo, Adobe Connect and of course Minecraft, or Read full article »

Lost and Found: Chess Book

The following book was recently dropped near MEPS. We are not sure of who owns the book, the only reference to a name is the initials MRE scrawled in childlike writing on the inside front cover. If you own this and would like it back please contact North Star School and we will arrange for Mummy to continue reading it Read full article »

First glimpses at the new improved farms

Having heard all about what has been done to the Minecraft Farms, it seems appropriate to give you a sneak peek at what has been done on the farms. So avert you eyes down Fantastic Farmers House Smart Farmer's House Incredible Shuffler's House North Meps Squad Shed and Silo No Name's land marked for building Fresh Infinity's land marked for Read full article »

Combined Classroom

Incredible Shufflers Fantastic Farmers Smart Farmers Fresh Infinity No Name Pty Ltd North Meps Squad Read full article »

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